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Teleconferencing made kind of easy.

5 09 2015


I just discovered OpenMCU-ru.  Its an open video conferencing bridge does SIP and H323 and the best part is, it can host Polycom HDX boxes and Polycom software (for your phone). You’ll need a dedicated system or VM.  Either way, a single core and a 1GB of ram seems to be fine.  I used an […]

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Meeting of the Vi Kings

4 07 2014


The first meeting of my computer club, The Vi Kings, has concluded.

Sorry you missed it.

I’ll meet again in 2.718 years.

If you want to come to the next meeting, join up.  Simply answer the following question,

How do you exit vi?

Commenting on this post will suffice, I won’t approve the comment, I’ll email you the meet up link.

All the best,



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