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Got Flash? Two weeks with Ubuntu 10.04

14 05 2010


It’s bad.

OS releases are supposed to improve not get worser [sic].  Ubuntu 8.04 was the best release since I started around 6.  I still use 8.04 on my work desktop.

I am a dedicated Ubuntu fan, but I feel compelled to complain about a second release where things have not really improved for the desktop.  10.04 has glaring Flash problems (All hail Adobe!).  MTP for USB phones and cameras doesn’t work right on 10.04 (It’s fine on my 8.04 machine at work).  Window focus frequently changes to mouse over select, which requires a trip preferences, just to click close (and nothing else).  Did I happen to mention I have an Nvidia 9800 card for graphics at work and home,  guess which one always works even with extra visual effects enabled.

Somebody wake me up when the nightmare is over.

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